Tuesday, February 22, 2011

sharing is not caring.

I’ve always been selective with who i share personal information with . . about my goals . . my passions . . interests . . research.

The older i get, the more i realize many people don’t want to know or care . . or ask for the sake of it, hoping you’ll give a generic “good, thanks” answer.

EXAMPLE: Yesterday, i was having a chat with my mum and we were talking about Almond milk, and i was telling her how i wanted to make my own from scratch, as it would be a lot cheaper . . blah blah blah.

She responded with a “what are you going to use THAT for. Why can’t you just buy Soy milk. It’s going to sit in the fridge and you’re not going to use it.”

I LOVE MY MAMMA, but there’s particular things i just can’t talk to her about, because she doesn’t understand my lifestyle.

Most times people aren’t going to understand why you do things, usually it’s because they don’t want to . . they CHOOSE not to open their mind to it because it’s got nothing to do with THEM and it doesn’t affect their OWN lives.

People are always going to have their self-righteous ideas of what’s wrong and right in the world . . what’s wrong and right in your life, why you SHOULDN’T do what you’re doing . . and somehow always have a better way of doing things (even though they haven’t actually done them).

My passions in life . . my goals . . my dreams . . each and every workout i do . . they’re all like my little babies . . they hold sentimental value to me . . i keep them close to my heart and soul . . 

I RARELY go into detail about my training with anyone.

Because when i’m out there, it’s just me, my body, and my mind . . it’s my own little world for that 1-2 hours . . like when you go to church, you pray and light a candle . . you don’t tell anybody what you’re praying for . . well my workouts are my prayer and i won’t EVER let anybody disrupt it.

I don’t need random poisonous statements and ideas that outsiders pluck from their asshole to work their way into my world.

If i know somebody is going to appreciate what i’m trying to accomplish, genuinely want to listen, then i’m all for it.

Otherwise, nada.

So, even though you want your loved ones and your friends to get hell excited about the things you do, and things you’ve learnt, be ok with them not reacting the way you think they will.

And be ok with keeping things to yourself sometimes.

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