Monday, February 21, 2011


I did half my workout in the rain yesterday.

Every inch of a lap i walked, people were dropping off like flies.

It was interesting yet damn disappointing to watch.

It’s just fucking water dropping down from the sky, but people were acting like the heavens were coming down on them.

The mums and dads of the cricket team BOLTED to their cars like they were getting chased by the mafia. no serious, they did.

. . All because things got a wittleeeeee bit uncomfortable.

AWWW . . POOR YOU. *pinches your cheeks*

Well guess what princess, that’s EXACTLY how life is.

It gets dirty.

The weather forecast is not going to bring out the sunshine because you decided to get off your ass and workout today.

The rain is going to eventually stop.

Sure you may not burn more calories by working out in the rain but you’re going to achieve something MUCH more valuable . .

You’re going to be mentally stronger, because you overcame something many don’t have the balls to do.

Those are the people that don’t finish things they start.

The amazing thing is, you can choose to be either person . .

And you may even be BOTH people in different areas of your life.

You may be mentally tough in your workouts . . push through no dramas . . you just DECIDE to get it done, no excuses.

But when it comes to your career, you may give up on an opportunity if it feels out of reach . . if you think you’re not capable . .

Or a project is going to taking a little longer than expected, you throw in the towel.

We all have give-up-itis in one area more than others.

But we all have the opportunity to change that.

You can change that right now.

give up cat

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