Sunday, February 6, 2011

potential is never enough

it’s always easier to see the potential in others more than the potential in yourself.

Thing is, you can have all the potential in the world . . you can KNOW you have all the potential in the world, but NOONE is going to give a shit enough to hold your pretty little hand and take you through every glitch in the road. . people have their own lives to live and they care more about their success than yours.

Sure you’ll get a little help along the way every now and then. . but it’s ALWAYS going to be up to you to make that potential something more . . turn that lead into gold.

Because potential means NOTHING. .

you don’t make a difference on potential . .

you don’t change people’s lives on potential . .

you don’t learn from potential . .

. . potential isn’t success . . it’s one of those little steps that leads you TO success.

I’ve been there . . i’m at that place sometimes where i settle for less than i think i can achieve . . or there’s too many probable steps to take . . so many paths . . too many options, that i don’t decide anything . . then nature takes it’s course and opportunities disappear . . or the achievement takes 20 times longer than it could have.

When i talk about “potential” . . i’m also referring to people who have achieved what they’ve set out to achieve . but once they do, the hype is over . . that light inside them has blown out. . that rush . . that sense of urgency to take over the world is DEAD.

I think that’s where a lot of us fail.

Anybody can achieve something ONCE . . achieve a goal once . . achieve the perfect body once . . but it’s striving for even MORE than that . . keeping that pace with the next goal and the next goal and the next . . because you don’t know how high that mountain is until you climb up further and further . . and when you DO reach the top and there’s nowhere left to climb . . it’s up to you to find another mountain, higher than the one before and start climbing.


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