Monday, January 31, 2011

Mindless Eating . .

Have you ever gone through periods of time where you just eat like a freakin MANIAC . . you’re stomach is SO FULL, but you keep on going . . trying to fill this VOID that seems like a bottomless pit.

OR do you have the tendency to eat EVERYTHING on your plate, each meal?

I think it’s safe to say we’ve ALL been there.

Check this out real quick. .

EXPERIMENT: A number of subjects sat down to a full breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, etc. They were told to eat as much as they wanted to eat until full.

The SAME subjects came back the next morning and were given the same amount of food. This time however, they were BLINDFOLDED. They were told to eat when full, and the results . . dramatically different.

80% stopped half way through their food, the other 20% eating less than half.

Not ONE of them finished their plate.

Eating with a blindfold means you’re relying on your INTERNAL signals as a radar of how full you are.

So why the hell are we overeating???

What part of us is still hungry, if it’s not our stomach?


Professer Wansink observed a 3 year old will stop eating when full, whereas a 5 year old will eat however much is placed in front of them.

The thing is . . your stomach is not the only thing that needs to be fed.

Your brain . . your soul . . your heart . . your mind . . all need food too . .

Spiritually . . we need food.

Spiritual food can involve reading the bible, going to church, meditating . . whatever . . each part of your BEING needs to be fed and enriched EACH and EVERY day.

If you’re lacking in even ONE of those areas . . there’s an imbalance there . . and so the other areas in your life which are easier for you to control (aka, your food intake) are going to try and FILL that void.

UNFORTUNATELY . . it doesn’t work that way . . and you end up doing all harm and no good.


How do you know if you’re really hungry ??

How to tell if you’re really hungry.

The AMAZING thing is . . once you realize what’s missing from your life . . what’s lacking . . what’s incomplete . . what’s malnourished . . whether it be in your career . . in your relationships . . in your friendships . . your CRAVING for balance in life is SO much more important and detrimental than your craving for food could EVER be.

It allows you to reach the next level mentally and spiritually . . and i think that’s what is missing from a LOT of lives . . that spiritual connection to our soul and our bodies.

As lame as it sounds . . it’s the best feeling in the world when you’re at peace with yourself . . when you reach the core of your self . . your subconscious . . and don’t rely or allow external factors to influence who YOU are and your day to day choices.

What’s imbalanced in your life ??

What’s missing from your life ??

What do you need more of ??

Are you in touch with your sub conscious ??

Do you spend time with yourself each day realizing who YOU are without all the external things ??

This is something i’m going to be focusing on this week.

Changes are going to be made in the spiritual side of things for me.


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  1. Hi,
    I know that person, it sounds just like it is me. Mindless, I need to keep on reminding myself.