Monday, February 7, 2011

it ain’t all sunshine & rainbows

When did we, as a society, become motionless . . bored with the world . . unenthused by the miracles of life & the opportunities that lie in our reach?

It’s SO tedious to shift ones self out of bed after getting a measly 8 hours sleep . .

To be surrounded by MAN MADE vehicles in this “traffic” on these MAN MADE streets . . that seemingly always take too long to get to where we need to go . .

Where we’re asked to perform at these things called jobs . . the same robotic function day in and day out . .

. . it’s unheard of that we’re asked to do things like answer the phone . . solve other people’s problems . . for what? it’s not like we’re getting PAYED for it . . 

we can barely make it through the day . . it’s all too hard . . after all we’ve only had 12 large cups of coffee . . and GEEZUS it’s not even lunch yet.

Only to go home to a safe house full of those that love us . . full of hand-picked food to nourish us . . to this MAN MADE box shape feature that entertains us every night . .

For those that have their foot stuck up their ass , pacifiers in their mouths . . & fairy dust in their eyes that blind them to the fact that "LIFES TOO HARD" . . really??

Is the miracle of life not good enough for you??

We have blessings, we see problems.

We have family, we’re never around.

We have opportunity, we get distracted.

We have talent, we don’t follow through.

ADDICTED TO EASY . . that’s what we are.

Life isn’t a picture book full of colourful pictures of sunshine & rainbows . . it isn’t Cinderella . . it isn’t “and they lived happily ever after” . . it’s MUCH MORE than that.

YOU get to choose your happy ending . . every moment of every day . .

At times . . yes . . life does fucking suck . . it sucks so hard that you don’t know how the HELL you are going to pull through . . but the only thing you can do is EMBRACE the suck & attack it with violent destruction until obliterated.


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