Wednesday, February 9, 2011

body maturity . .

i think as we grow older we learn to appreciate & respect our surroundings & our community a HECK of a lot more. .

We wake up one morning and suddenly we become angry that someone just threw a cigarette butt out the window . . 

. . we make a conscious effort to drive a bit slower on the roads . .

. . we get pissed off at the kids next door for desensitizing their ear drums with the ridiculously loud musica.

Same goes with our bodies . .

As kids, we don’t give two shits about what goes in and out of our bodies . . (i’m generalising here)

if it’s edible, we’ll eat it . . if it’s covered in chocolate, GET OUT THE WAY . . additives & preservatives ?? pft. not in our vocabulary.


Then we get a bit older, hopefully a bit wiser . . the body starts taking on a new shape . . we start to feel a bit sluggish from overeating . . drinking a bit too much . . years of bad food starts to creep up.

We figure we’re going to be around a HELL of a lot longer than we initially thought . . so we look to making some sort of positive & healthy change . . through exercise . . healthy eating . . saying no to alcohol.


MY POINT: Sometimes . . people need TIME.

Time to realise what eating junk for years does to their mind and to their bodies . .

Time to realise that it IS NOT normal to barely be able to make it through each day without huffing and puffing . .

Time to realise that walking to the fridge to grab a 2L of coke is not exercise . .

To finally be able to look into themselves and say “i need to make a change or i’m going to die.”

Sometimes it takes extreme circumstances for some to realise they’re stuck in this big fat rut and if they don’t get out . . they never will.

And sometimes there’s nothing you can possibly say that can change their minds . . they need to figure it out themselves.

And sometimes, that’s ok.

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