Saturday, February 19, 2011

figure out who you are, and be it.

There’s nothing more real . . more unequivocally HONEST than the surroundings we take in every, single day.

The trees don’t lie . . the sky is a constant breath of fresh air . . the flowers that bloom hold undeniable yet simple beauty.

And then there are us. Humans. Human beings.

The complete opposite to all these things.

We’re angry, stubborn, self-righteous, jealous, kind yet unforgiving . . and most of all . .

. . we are trademarked copies of who we want to be.

Many people spend majority of their time following everybody else . .

Talking about everybody else . .

Doing what everybody else is doing . .

Things are CLOWDED.

Caring more about what other people’s reactions are going to be than what is actually EXISTING in our own lives . . that’s fucked up.

Missing out on what holds true in our own soul . . neglecting our own personal freedom . . refusing to feed our OWN passions.

If there is a wrong way to live, that is it!

I suppose it was drilled into us from a young age, to act a certain way . . not do this . . not do that . . sit up straight, speak only when spoken to. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

To behave and “act” a certain way . . we are raised to become actors during childhood !!

So we do the same during middle school.

Of course as adults we do the same thing . . because we’re all about being in a comfort zone.

As adults, we have to UNLEARN things we’ve been told.

No one gets what they want out of life being guarded and composed . . doing the “right thing”.

To get anywhere you want to go requires ACTS OF VIOLENCE.

(metaphorically speaking of course Winking smile )

It requires you to take on your own form of thinking.

Figuring out the depth of yourself . . finding out the answers on your OWN path in your OWN way.

Being fine with not necessarily fitting in to a particular lifestyle.

Being fine with spending time ALONE with yourself to figure out just what holds true value to you and your life.

We need to stop acting and start being.

Acting drains your energy, and buries your soul.

If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it.

Don’t FORCE yourself to think a certain way about something if it doesn’t feel right.

It comes back to realigning your thoughts with what you care about . . what makes you emotional and what makes you FEEL.

Figure out who you are, then be it.

“ Patterning your life around other's opinions is nothing more than slavery.” – Lawana Blackwell

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