Thursday, February 17, 2011

the RIGHT kind of peer pressure


It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others in life . . it’s just the way we work.

“Peer pressure” is usually used in the negative sense of the word.

But peer pressure is not necessarily a bad thing when it’s directed in the RIGHT way.

Picture this . .

You’re surrounded by people who don’t exercise . . don’t eat right . . don’t know anything about health and fitness . .

You one day decide to give a shit about living longer and hey, figure it wouldn’t hurt to look good naked . .  so you start going out for runs . .

Soon you get tired . . and, as nature takes its course, you oh, so desperately want to quit.

You’re dying . . you can’t breathe properly . . you want to quit.

Your mind goes back to the friends AROUND you who don’t exercise . . who DON’T give a shit about their health & fitness . . your brain is telling you “well you’ve done more than THEY did . . you DESERVE to stop.”


When it’s 10 o’clock at night, and you feel like reaching for the double coated tim tams in the fridge . . your brain is going to tell you “well you exercised today, that’s more than your friends did . . you definitely DESERVE that chocolate. EAT UP BABY.”

But what happens when . . 

The moment you decided you wanted to change your life around . . you subscribed to a few fitness websites . . associated yourself with people passionate about their health, passionate about exercise . . got a few tips and tricks.

So you’re out for that run . .

Soon you get tired . . and oh, so desperately want to quit.

But your mind DOESN’T go back to those friends who don’t exercise . . to your colleague Daniella down the road who drinks 10 cups of chai lattes a day, and complains that the 232382 diets she tried last week just aren’t working.

When you feel like giving up on that last leg of the run, you’re going to compare yourself to those amazing fitness freaks on that website you subscribed to that are training for ultra marathons . . who work out 2-3 hours a day, 7 times a week . . and you’re going to say to yourself “if they can do that, i’m fucking doing this last lap.”

My point?

You need to shovel out the crappy relationships you have, kneed out all the crappy thoughts that enter your head . . and compare yourself to the best.

Because comparing yourself to the average Joe is NOT going to get you anywhere but nowhere.

Roll with the BIG LEAGUES, and you can’t go wrong.

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  1. You couldn't be MORE correct! When I started paying attention to what champion athletes did to become successful that is when I started to really disassociate with most people. I'd rather have less "friends" and be on the right track, then have plenty of people around and be going nowhere! GREAT post!