Thursday, February 10, 2011

there’s no excuse.

there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be living the life you want to live . . doing what you’re passionate about every day.

If circumstances don’t allow, you should have some sort of plan set up that is going to get you on your way to doing what you want.

You should be doing what you want, or taking planned action to doing what you want.

Imagine a world where everyone genuinely cares whether they turn up to work on time . .

When they wake up before their alarm gets them up . .

When you’re constantly thinking of ways to make other people’s lives better . . and in essence, make YOUR life better.

Think of HOW you can achieve what you want . .

not IF . . HOW.

Because HOW opens the doors to possibilities . .

you tell your brain HOW and it’s going to look for answers . . you’ve given it an order . . it’s going to oblige.

There’s ALWAYS a solution.

The more people you speak to . . the more people are going to want to help.

Don’t be that dude that goes through life wishing and wondering what if . . being angry at the world because nothing seems to make you happy.

Money & material things . . don’t make you happy.

When you do what you believe in . . THAT is what makes you happy . .

Respect yourself enough to want more.

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