Monday, January 17, 2011

learning from “mistakes”

it’s kind of a 50/50 when you give people advice . . especially if it involves them making some sort of change in their life . . EVEN if they’re the ones asking you for it.

You can give them the most AMAZING, simplistic layed out plan with all the diagrams & colourful pretty pictures in the world, but if that person isn’t focused 110% on wanting . . no . . willing to DIE to reach that goal. . it’s just not going to happen.

Because at the end of the day . . people are going to do whatever the fuck they want . . and if that need isn’t great enough to sustain them and make that change . . they’ll go back to old habits . . more sooner than later.

But i think that’s ok.

It’s healthy to go back and forth for a little while . . it means you’re human . . it also means that every time you take a step forward, even if it’s the same damn step you’ve been back and forth on 20 times, you’re standing on that step with a completely different perspective than the last 19 times.

Example: me and my injuries.

I’ve pulled a hamstring, rotator cuff issues , and now i’ve got a strained adductor . .

now these injuries could have been a LOT worse, but the pulled hammy put me out for a good 12 weeks . . the others . . annoying injuries that could have been avoided.


You would think i’d learn the first time to condition myself into it ?

Yeh no . . i’m an idiot when it comes to that.

But i’m learning the hard way . . and i’ve learnt a SHIT load about my body, how to condition myself for exercises, how quickly my muscles recover, how long they take to get fatigued . . and i don’t know if i would have such in depth knowledge if i hadn’t experienced it first hand and suffered.

As STUBBORN as i am . . and how BORING prehab and extended warm ups are. . i’m learning to do what needs to be done, so i can go as hard as i want for a LONG time.

And every BODY is different . . Joe Blog may take 20 weeks to be at the same conditioning as Mary Anne, where it only takes her 11 weeks .. mother nature can be a bitch sometimes.

Shit is going to happen to you in your training that is going to unexpected, is going to set you back, piss you off, maybe you’ll sit on the sidelines for a while . . but you will ALWAYS come up on top because you know something more than you did before that injury . . and you’ll tread with caution if not the next time, than the time after that.

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