Friday, January 21, 2011

hot cross buns


so i’m doing my frequent, boring ‘let’s get it over with’ trip to the supermarket . . walk through the doors . . first thing i spot on the left hand entrance . .


Hot cross buns . . really? We JUST finished recovering from xmas and you’re laying out this red carpet of OBESE on a platter.

It’s JANUARY. Jesus ain’t planning on rising from the dead anytime soon.

“But noone has to buy it” . .  majority of people don’t have that self-control . . they’re not INCLINED to think that way . . if something is in front of their face, they’re going to fuckin’ eat it . . why do you think they structure and market the stores that way.

I’m all for one hot cross bun every now and then . . but it’s not that ONE hot cross bun that’s concerning. . it’s the dozen other buns that come after the “i’ll just have one” bun.

I thought we were slowly progressing towards a healthier future . . this is not one of those steps.

Wanna take a step? Try replacing those sugar infested buns with a piece of GREENERY that’s made from actual earth.

Wanna take a bigger step? Don’t buy them. Not because of the bun, not because you’re going to “get fat” . . because of what it REPRESENTS for our future . . each bun you buy, it’s like you’re feeding into their tricks . . be smarter than that.

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  1. Baby girl you crack me up! Awesome post, i totally agree!!!