Thursday, December 16, 2010


When you think of energy, you think of food, right ?

Food = Energy.

If food was energy, every fat person on the earth should be shredded right? Because they have SOOOO much energy to burn.

You don't just get energy from food . . you get it from your mind . .

I would say you get it MORE from your mind than you do your body.

Like when you’re having a shit day . . you can’t be fucked training . . everything’s pissing you off . .  then somebody gives you the best news in the world . . and you feel like HAMMERING it in the gym . . what changed in those 2 seconds ?? your internal state . . and when your internal state changes . . it impacts your external state.

Or when you can’t do another minute of cardio, then somebody distracts you and you’ve done an extra 20 minutes than you were supposed to . .

I find that amazing . . how much more we’re REALLY capable of if our mind wasn’t in the way.

If we could make 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 30 minutes, 40 minutes.

Sometimes you just have to be sneaky with your mind.

Same goes when you're in the gym and you see those people training that look like they are about to DIE . . literally fucking DIE in front of your eyes . . “i caaaaaaaaaan’t dooooo anymoreeeeeeeeeeeee” . . and they’re dragging their asses around the floor . . are you serious?

If you take a look at their posture . . you can tell where they are mentally in that workout . . they are draining the ENERGY out of themselves . . their thoughts are negative and not in conjunction with what what their goals are . .

You can only tell yourself things for so long, but if your body is not expressing the same interest as your mind is . . forget it.

Try this . . stick your chest up, nice and tall, head up . . you INSTANTLY feel better about yourself . . you INSTANTLY have this confidence . . magic right?

Now do the opposite, hunch your shoulders over, look down at the floor, don’t feel high and mighty now do you ??

Sure your mind isn’t that amazing that it’s going to lift the weight for you in your head . . but be their MENTALLY, with your mind AND your body, and the workout will be way more than just a workout.

Your mind can do amazing things for you if you let it.


  1. So true Mel enjoyed your post!

  2. ah! so true!! i say that from personal experience aahh!! like when i felt bad about myself.. i kept putting off exercise... but then i slapped myself one day and said, NO i have potential to be the greatest! then i got myself back into exercise and suddenly increased in confidence.. it's like a cycle..!! exercise increase confidence.. confidence increases desire to look after one self.. which increases exercise...