Monday, December 6, 2010

training crossfit . .

I go through phases with my training . .  I get bored . . so i’m always experimenting . . trying new things . . i don’t religiously follow ONE method of training . .  i embrace ALL methods of training . . but when i get bored it’s time to switch . .

Right now i’m into the Crossfit workouts . .  i’m a dead set beginner . . been doing it for a month off and on due to injuries . .

There’s a HELL of a lot of controversy with Crossfit . . then again it’s the fitness industry, what isn’t there controversy about . .

If you don’t know how Crossfit works . . hop on the website and check it out . .

I could explain it to you, but REALISTICALLY, an explanation doesn’t cut it. You need to experience it.

Alright, i’ll give it a go . .

It’s basically a “GPP program” where you follow different WOD (Workout’s of the Day) that are posted on the website daily . .

So far, i like it a lot.

All exercises are functional . . they have movements ranging from muscle ups . . pull ups . . handstand push ups . . to Olympic lifts . . overhead squats . . running . . snatches . .

Each day focuses on different exercises . . different rep schemes . . different % of weight . .

it’s VARIED  . .

1 day you could be running 1k . . another day you could be doing high reps to time . . next day will be a max effort day . . you scale the workout according to your fitness levels . .  it’s varied but NOT random . . the sequence of the programming is programmed a SPECIFIC way to get maximal gains across all levels of fitness . . building strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, stamina, speed . .

i like to stick my finger in a lot of pies, i like to have the ability to adapt to ANYTHING a workout throws at me . . a jack of all trades and master of none . . it’s not just about “working out” . . it’s about being fit . . so this style of program works well for me . .

If you’re not an athlete, but you want a taste of what it’s like to perform in a variety of different sports (powerlifting, gymnastics, running) . . this program may serve you.

It’s not easy, it’s freakin’ hard . . VERY challenging . . especially as a beginner . .  handstand push ups . . muscle ups . . rope climbs . . lack of breath . .  functional movements that you didn’t think EXISTED.

the mental aspect of it  . .

Some workouts you have a set time frame, say 20 mins, to do as many reps as possible . . others you have to complete the workout in the fastest time . . it fucks with your head.

That will to do the last push up, the last pull-up, the last squat before time runs out . . is something you can transfer over into real life . .  in a fight or flight situation . .

It forces you to develop this incredible relationship with your mind, because your mind is going to want to give up . . it is . . and you need to actively bring your mind & body and FORCE them to work as one , and you have to ACTIVELY do it every, single workout.

it’s quick . .

The workout can be anything from 5 to 20 minutes on high rep days . . depending how quickly you get it done . .  some days are longer . . but you’re never in there for 1-2 hours. Not your traditional bodybuilder routines . . everything is functional.

Don’t think because it’s a short workout that it’s not effective . .  it forces you to give your all in that short amount of time . . it’s INTENSE . . 100% concentration .  . 100% energy . . 100% commitment . . focus on form . . focus on speed . . and you really HAVE to dial in & zone out what’s around you to perform at your max effort.

Every session leaves you lying on the floor fucking DYING to breathe . . the only thing you can hear . . feel . . sense . .  is your heart pumping out of your chest . . i like that kinda thing.

I’m not trying to pull you into the darkness . . you don’t HAVE to try it . . hell you could sit on the couch drinking beer and scoffing down pizza for all i care . .

. . but if you’re looking to advance as an athlete or simply pick up some new tricks . . why not try something that you haven’t tried before?


  1. Mel,

    Great posts man!

    That will to do the last push up, the last pull-up, the last squat before time runs out . . is something you can transfer over into real life . . in a fight or flight situation . .

    I've done P90X for a couple of months which a little similar to Crossfit...not sure if you've tried it. I'm at the gym now with a personal trainer...building up the strength legs and upper body...doing lots of cardio and stuff to get the heart rate up. I played footy last, was I challenged fitness-wise...i was thinking should've stuck to rugby...nah, i thought, wanna be you said, it's the relationship between you and your mind.

    Keep it up, I'm a fan :)

  2. haven't done the dvds of P90x but i know what it is and definitely like what it represents . . had a few injuries lately so taking it easy with the full body plyometrics type movements . . rugby would be awesome to keep fit.