Friday, December 3, 2010

amazing workout

i was in love with my workout yesterday . .

To time:

1000m Row

50 Thrusters (20kg)

30 Pull Ups

It wasn’t so much the workout, everything about it was just perfect.

Those sessions when you go in there . . your heads in the right place . . your heart . . every muscle in your body is SCREAMING to be played with.

You don’t care who’s where in the gym . . they’re all dots on your radar . . You know what you have to do, and you do it . . no fluffing around . . no eyeing the pretty girl holding the pink dumbbells in the corner . . 100% commitment from every ounce of your being . .  that’s when i feel closest to my conscious . . that’s when i feel alive.

I appreciate all my workouts though . .

When i feel like crap . . but i’ll go anyway . . for me it’s like going to see your best friend to cheer you up . .  i’ve had a SHIT day . . i don’t want to talk to anyone . . i don’t bother putting on a fake smile . . head in there, STRAIGHT TO THE SQUAT RACK. . that’s where all the red energy is directed . . it’s just me and the squat rack . . and i just rep it the hell out . . until i’m no longer seeing red . . and that’s when i smile.

Beats sitting on the couch with a box of Twinkies hey . .

No matter WHAT happens in the outside world, you’re 100% GUARANTEED to feel better EVERY TIME you workout . . you don’t EVER finish a workout and feel worse than you did before you worked out . .

Broke up with your girlfriend ? Work out ..

Pissed off at the world ? Work out . .

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  1. Honoured lol...

    pissed off...yip the gym sounds good to me


    as I said I'm a fan now...