Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ever since i was little i’ve been extremely curious . . i want to know the “why” of everything.  EVERYTHING. that pissed my parents off. haha.

I want to know the world inside out . . i want to know how everything works . . why it works . . how it moves . . how everything moulds together . .

I like finding it out for myself . . it’s fun to me.

But i’d get so impatient with it, because i want to know it all NOW NOW NOW.

But as i get older, i’m learning to appreciate that knowledge takes time . . understanding takes time . .

Then i think how boring it would be if i knew everything about life . . i wouldn’t need to talk to anyone . . do anything . . read any books . . study . . search for any answers . .

I appreciate what i learn from the world daily and i appreciate the fact that i can’t know everything RIGHT NOW . . and i’ll never know everything . .

but knowledge gives you access to AMAZING things.

Information is too AVAILABLE too us these days . .

People think “EHH i can look at it anytime” and never get around to it. EVER.

But if you’re going to be different . . make some sort of a change in the world . . you have to know some sort of shit.

Knowledge is the FOUNDATION, it allows you the ability to control things in your life . . make informed decisions . . know your odds . . the risks you take . .

It’s powerful stuff . .

When you have your OWN knowledge, your life isn’t about other people’s ideas . . other people’s notions . . the decisions they make.

It’s about YOUR decisions, your vision, what inspires YOU.

It’s ok to listen to people but i’m smart enough to know what to take notice of.

Never underestimate the importance of education.

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