Thursday, December 2, 2010

screw motivation.

“if i can just get motivated i’ll be ok”

Everyone looks to motivation like it’s some EXTERNAL thing . . like its food that we can swallow & it MIRACULOUSLY gives us an overload of energy . .

Relying on external things is like a drug . . you need that fix daily . . you need batteries so you can function 100% . . what’s the problem ??? batteries run out.

And what happens when those external things change ?? Because they will . . THEN what are you going to do ???

If some bodybuilder with a 6 pac is motivating you now . . come off season . . he’s/she’s fat . . what’s going to keep you motivated ??

Motivation doesn’t come from the OUTSIDE . . you can’t feel it .. touch it . . explain it . .

It’s something deeper than we’ll probably ever know . .  that inner voice . . that inner drive that you have . . it comes from the DOING . . you get motivated by getting out there and doing what needs to be done . . then you start seeing results . . all of a sudden you don’t need a REASON to do something . . you simply can’t see yourself NOT doing it . . that is TRUE DRIVE . .

No quote or motivational book is going to help you if you don’t help yourself.

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  1. Well said....I was gonna quote some books etc, then I saw your last comment lol...

    Totally agree with ya girl! I'm reading some great books by John Maxwell atm...on leadership...different attributes on leadership...I believe it's all related...good info...seriously...

    Anyways, keep it up :)