Monday, November 22, 2010


Excuses . . excuses . . excuses . .


I think of excuses like a “get out of jail free” card . . you can use that ONE excuse, but you can only use it once . . right ??

I was thinking last week . . about the excuses that i’ve made in my life that have stopped me from heading in the direction to where i want to go.

We ALL have different reasons why we make excuses . . but we ALL make them . .

Why? Because they’re so AVAILABLE to us . . we can pretty much use them on EVERYTHING.

Why we can’t work . . why we’re skipping the gym . . why we went off our nutrition plans . . why we didn’t wash the dishes . . why we ordered take out instead of making dinner . .

They don’t even have to be good ones . . but our minds will ACCEPT it.

Thing is though . . these little excuses are the REASON why we don’t get what we want . . or why we don’t achieve our goals sooner.

Where do excuses come from ???

For me . . my parents probably played a big part in it . . i’m not blaming them . . but how you grow up and how you raised is a BIG part of what you become . . unless you make the effort to CHANGE yourself.

My whole life . . my parents have been nothing but motivating & accepting of EVERYTHING that i’ve done . . BUT it’s HOW they motivate.

They would tell me what i fantastic writer i am . . how talented i am . . i’m a great singer . .  i’m motivated . . BUT that is all in the present tense . . it’s not a push in the direction i NEED to go . .

So through that i’ve always been satisfied with having the POTENTIAL to do things . . but never really doing them.

Why? Probably because of fear . . because of failing . . of being wrong about something and having to get up off the ground again . .

So i made excuses to myself and everybody else so i wouldn’t have to TRY.

It’s like suffering from a disease . . it only gets worse.

The problem is that excuses become repetitive . . and you don’t just stop after one . . you’re on a fuckin roll . .  and repetitiveness brings us HABIT.


Hell . . excuses started back in the Garden of Eden when Adam ate all the fruit and used Eve as the excuse . .

So, the MAIN reason we make excuses is because we’re AFRAID of what will happen if we fail at something . . to protect ourselves from getting hurt . . that EGO that we have as humans . . that we spend our LIVES developing . . we will do anything to protect it.

FEAR OF SUCCESS is a big one too . . fear of what will happen if we actually DO succeed . . the big changes that will take over our lives . . will we be strong enough to handle them? will we change as a person?


How do we stop these lil suckers?

I’m not gonna lie . . it’s something you’ll be accountable for, for your whole life . . everything decision you make daily . . no doubt an excuse will show itself . . but slowly . . those excuses will realise they don’t have a place in you.

1. CATCH YOURSELF OUT . . write down all the instances in the past week that you’ve allowed yourself to make excuses . . however small. You’re going to have to dig deep for this one . . because most of the time we don’t even THINK about it . . and we take on those excuses as facts.

2. LOOK AT THE PROGRESS OF YOUR LIFE. How have those excuses above impacted your life . . what are some BIG things that you stopped yourself from achieving . . this step is important . . until you come to terms with the damage these excuses are doing . . you’ll have no REASON to change.

3. DEATHBED . . Imagine yourself on your deathbed RIGHT NOW. All those headaches . . and excuses . . it’s too cold . . too hot . . too wet . . they seem like BULLSHIT now huh ??

4. ACCEPT THAT YOU CAN CHANGE. . You need to realize that all these excuses . . they’re all out of fear . . and ALLOW yourself to make the appropriate changes to being the best you can be.

5. CHOOSE TO BE DIFFERENT IN 5 YEARS TIME . . What can you do TODAY to be a better version of yourself in 5 years time . . are you in a better place than you were 5 years ago ??  If not, WHY ?? What excuses have stopped you ??

6. LISTEN TO YOUR EXCUSES. Everytime an opportunity comes up . . however small . . either write a list or make a mental list of possible excuses as to why you can’t . . you will find . . that NONE of them outweigh the ONE reason why you can . . and that ONE reason is because you DESERVE good things to come your way . . and you’re going to do WHATEVER it takes to get them.

Excuses are like training wheels . . only when we LET THEM GO . . can we REALLY begin to live.

What excuses do you make to yourself ??


  1. NICE Chica!!! I'm sharing this on my FB profile! LOVE IT! Rock it out Girl!!!

  2. thanks so much Susie !! glad you enjoyed xx