Monday, October 11, 2010

Unwrapping the gifts of a workout . .

To a LOT of people, working out . . going to the gym . . it’s just a chore . . it HAS to be done just like everything else . . it’s right next to putting out the washing . .  making dinner . .

But to the remaining few. . it is SO MUCH MORE.

There’s something about my body and those weights . . when they get together . . something fucking magical happens.

Those weights we move around . . they are GIFTS . .

You unwrap them and all of a sudden you get a LOT more than you bargained for . .


The gift of COMMITMENT – That commitment that we make from DAY 1 to become BETTER, FASTER, HARDER versions of ourselves every single session.

The gift of INTEGRITY – the integrity that we ALWAYS hold up our end of the bargain . . an undivided . . unbroken agreement that we finish each and every workout NO MATTER WHAT.

The gift of RESPECT – respect for ourselves . . respect for the weights . . respect for our peers . . respect for every single person that has achieved what we are pushing hard to achieve.

The gift of PATIENCE it may not happen today . . tomorrow . . or next year . . but we don’t care . . we ENJOY the process . . and you better believe we aren’t going ANYWHERE until this shit is DONE.

The gift of COURAGE – The courage to go where few dare to go . . where many NEVER go . . the courage to go after what COULD BE . . and not be complacent with “what could have been”.

The gift of STRENGTH – the physical strength to push our bodies to places they’ve never been and don’t ever want to go . . we’re comfortable with the uncomfortable . . and the mental strength to embrace that unrelenting pain . . letting it flow like water through our bodies. 

The gift of UNDERSTANDING Understanding that it’s not going to be simple & easy . . it’s going to be complex & fuckin hard . . but that’s EXACTLY what drives us . . what makes the hairs on the back of our neck stand up.

The gift of TRUTH – The truth of where we have been . . where we are right now . . and where we are going.

The gift of PASSION – There’s nowhere else we would rather be . . it’s all we think about . . all we talk about . . all we dream about . . all we ARE about . . and we wouldn’t change it for the ANYTHING.

The gift of RESPONSIBILITY – Responsibility for our actions . . our inactions . . and the consequence of too much action . .

The gift of CONFIDENCE – the confidence that no matter what the workouts consist of  we WILL do it . . we will complete every single rep . . every single movement until it’s DONE . . no workout remains undone.

The gift of UNDERSTANDING – Understanding of exactly what it takes to get to that optimal place . . understanding of the limits of our minds . . understanding of how much more we have in us to give.

These are just a FEW of the MANY gifts we receive from each and every one of our workouts . .

Is it worth it ? Abso-fuckin-lutely.


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