Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our bodies are Ferrari’s with the hand break on . .

“Our bodies are Ferrari's with the hand break on”


You might think you’re on top of your game when you’re in the gym . . you’re pushing as hard as you can in your workouts . . hitting big numbers. . you’re giving it all you got . . and that may be TRUE . . based on what you know.

but what you’re NOT doing is controlling the controllable . . mobilizing those muscles and preparing them for what’s to come in your session . .

I see it all the time . .

You step in the gym . . warm up on the TREADMILL for 5 minutes . . maybe do a few arm circles in the air . . couple of side to side head tosses . .

Sweet . . what have you got planned for your workout ??

A Zumba class ??

I KNOW all this technical shit doesn’t sound sexy . . fascia and ligaments and tendons . . who the hell cares!! You don’t need to KNOW what you’re working . . just know and FEEL that it works.

What you care about is getting bigger numbers on your lifts . . burning those extra calories . . getting faster . . quicker . . putting out LESS energy . . getting more bang for your buck . .

Most of us are walking around SO TIGHT that we don’t know where to start . . it’s like one big stress ball . . EVERYTHING hurts . .

. . don’t be that dude . .

Your body DESIRES to be in a pain-free state.

If YOU are prepping for a MAX SQUAT session . . or a workout we’re you’re performing multiple reps of squats . . you need to break it down . .

what MUSCLES are you going to be working in the workout ??

Let’s stick with the squat . . we got quads . . hamstrings . . but MOST IMPORTANTLY what repetitive motion do we have ?? Flexion & Extension . . so we need to get those hip flexors & hip capsules warmed up . .

If those hips are tight . . and you’re warm up is next to none . . what’s going to happen ?? There’s going to be compensation . . that back is going to be arching . . those knees are going to be over bending . . because those hip flexors are NOT going to be able to make that extension at the top of the movement happen . .

So how do we loosen it up??

Get in there with a foam roller . . Lie down on the stomach with that golf ball . . lacrosse ball . . whatever . . stick that under your hip flexors and watch magic happen . . find a tight spot . . you can stay on it . . roll around side to side . . make little circles . . bend that leg up into flexion and extension a few times . . what you’re doing is you’re copying that EXACT motion that is now going to prepare us for that squat session . . because we’re doing that same movement . . flexion and extension. Stay on that muscle for 2 minutes . . perform some contract relax . . contracting that muscle for 5 seconds . . relaxing for 10-20 seconds .  .

Need proof that it works???

Perform a squat . . see how those hips feel at the bottom position of the squat . . then work that mobility drill above on one hip . . making sure to take that hip through extension and flexion . . perform the squat again . . notice a difference in the left to right hip ?? HELL YES. Is THAT going to have an affect on your squat ?? HELL YES.

Spending a few minutes each day working on mobility drills relating to that session you’re about to do is going to do SHIT LOADS for your performance . . TRUST ME . . i’ve experienced it myself . . you’re taking off that hand break that prevents you from blowing the shit out of the exhaust (tiring out those opposing, stabilizer muscles) . . allowing your body to work how it was designed to work . . move how it was designed to move . . that optimal range.

Don’t be that dude that allows controllable shit control you . . those fascia tissues should be sliding past one another like silk . . not like pencils rubbing up against each other . . you can only work out like that for so long . . ESPECIALLY if you’re drilling those muscles on a daily basis.


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