Saturday, October 9, 2010

MEL LASHES OUT PT 1 . . the ”squat”

new clip . . 100kg squat . . tiny girl . . “cool, this should be a fun clip to watch” . . i press play . .


. . . i just wasted 32 seconds of my freakin life . . .

Because that DEFINITELY was not a squat . . hell i wouldn’t even call it a partial squat . . it was more like an IMPARTIAL squat.

I’m all for people testing their boundaries . . getting out of that zone of comfortableness . . but COME ON DUDE . . if you’re not wiping your ass with that floor FORGET IT. You’re not working . . you’re taking a little dip in the big man’s pool . . don’t dive in unless you’re prepared to make a bit splash . .

I wouldn’t be getting so worked up about it if i didn’t see it ALL THE FREAKIN TIME . . and when you see things like improper form from the very first rep to things like inefficient range of motion . . there’s no excuse for that guys seriously . . with ALL the resources available to us you know better than to do that shit . . no fuckin excuse.

If you don’t know how to do something effectively ASK.

If there’s no one around to ask, RESEARCH.


I know this may look a bit different to you impartial squatters . . it’s ok . . we’ll give you some time to get used to it.

And if you by any chance happen to fall witness to someone performing this strange, outlandish manoeuvre, i sincerely empathize with you and hereby grant you the permission to knock them unconscious on their ass . . and least then they’ll know what they’re aiming for next time in their squat.

If i see someone “squat” like that again i will not be held accountable for my actions ;)


This guy does his squats . . o0o0o YEAH !!

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