Monday, October 18, 2010

REVERSE HYPER . . what your program craves.

Powerlifters swear by it.

Dozens of people with bulging and herniated discs recovery with it.



If you’re at a commercial gym don’t even bother looking . . and what the hell you doing at one anyway?

If you ARE fortunate enough to have them in your gym . . don’t be the only one NOT using it.

Creator Louie Simmons, owner of one of the BADDEST training facilities (Westside Barbell) and powerlifting coach tallied up a SHIT load of injuries from years of heavy lifting.

Physicians recommended surgery after he broke his back twice . . but Louise created the reverse hyper instead to repair the damage.

So what’s so good about it ??


People stretch for range of motion . . People build strength for strength . . but THIS MACHINE will do both . . it will build strength THROUGH range of motion.

STRENGTHENS – If you want to build your big lifts . . your cleans . . you don’t build them by doing cleans . . when you have a weakness and you keep doing those cleans  . . you’re just over-emphasizing that weakness . . that movement is NOT training that weakness. The way you get stronger is by doing EVERYTHING ELSE.

EVERYTHING in that posterior chain is firing . . glutes, hamstrings, back on the concentric phase, on the eccentric phase it’s therapeutic for the lower back . . creating traction . . opening up those bulging discs and rotating the sacrum (triangular bone at the base of the spine) on each rep. 

BULGING DISCS - It’ll cure bulging discs . . the machine decompresses the discs when the weights travel to a position underneath the face.

WEAK ERECTOR SPINAE MUSCLES – When your erector’s are weak, you’ll tend to develop a posture where your upper back is rounded . . your shoulders round . . and your chest is down.

The reverse hyper forces your posterior chain (all the muscles from your neck down to your glutes) to work TOGETHER . . one muscle isn’t working more than the other.



Is it similar to the back extension ??? Not really.

Back extensions target the same muscle group but the range of motion and recruitment pattern of the muscles is different.

PLUS you get dizzy with too many sets of those back extensions . . not my cup of tea.

How the hell do i use that thing ???


  • ARCH YOUR BACK at the top of the movement
  • DON’T HYPEREXTEND your back . . you bring your legs up till your body is in a straight line.  You never want your legs parallel . . let your legs fall short of the hyper. 
  • Head comes up as your legs come up . . so you remain in a straight line.
  • SQUEEZE your butt on the way up . . like you have something between your butt cheeks and you can’t let it drop !!
  • Bottom position, you want your feet to come underneath the hyper and be able to look at your feet with your head down.
  • Head goes down when legs come down . . so you’re staying in that straight line.

When do i use it?

Use it in your warm up . . before heavy lifts . . during the workout . .  in your cool down . . WHENEVER . . just use it.

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