Monday, June 21, 2010

the strength of a woman . .

Gone are the days when women had no voice.

Where it was the man’s job to “bring home the bacon”.

Where we would be stranded at home with our floral aprons on, scrubbing those dishes, while the stuffed turkey was cooking in the oven.

No voice. Just hands to clean and feet to sweep.

Oh am I glad all that has changed!

We are here. We are strong. We are WOMAN.

No telling us what we can and can’t do, where to go, who to see, how to act.

No slaving around in the kitchen, waiting for hubby to come home and tell us what to do next.

We’re not ROBOTS anymore.

We have a VOICE.

You want dinner? Cook your own dinner!

Times have changed for the better.

We have goals, dreams, ambitions, and damn right we achieve them . . sometimes with our eyes closed and our hands tied behind our backs.

Can’t no man bring us down.

And there’s nothing more liberating than to see a female lifting heavy-ass weights.

We don’t play around – we get in, we get it DONE, and get out.

And you men that feel it’s too “manly” for women to show muscles . . get over it.

We all have muscles . . men AND women . .

We’re just not hiding it under layers of FAT like you’d like us to.

Ok . . I get it . . you’re threatened . . but don’t blame that on us.

It’s not our fault that you have WAY more testosterone than we do, but somehow we are lifting your max in our warm-ups???

If anything, men should be appreciating and respecting the strength of a woman.

That if we were walking around some dark alley at night we could hold our own . .

It’s ok to let us be independent . . to let us spread our wings and fly!

We are here. We are strong. We are WOMAN.


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