Sunday, June 20, 2010

double standards



Last night was NOT a good night in my books . .

There’s a LOT of things that need changing in the world . . a lot of things that aren’t how they should be.

One of them is DOUBLE STANDARDS.

Yes . . you know the “I can give you attitude . . but OHHH no . . HOLD THE PHONE . . you are NOT allowed to give ME attitude” . .


I’m sorry that you wake up every morning with a dreaded look of “oh, I have to go into work today”..

I’m sorry that you skipped a meal . .

That it’s your time of the month . .

That somebody looked at you a certain way . .

That somebody DIDN’T look at you . .


Pinch yourself, because YES you’re still alive, you’re still breathing, clearly still showing some kind of emotion.

We ALL have our own shit going on, and I DEFINITELY don’t need you to be fertilizing my problems with your shit!!

I think the world would be a MUCH better place if we just smiled a bit more . . laughed a bit more . . if we were more grateful for the smaller things that get unnoticed, the fact that people LOVE us and that we have the ability to be all that we want to be . . that we are FREE to do what we want . .

I just think we should all take a step back sometimes . . and realise we aren’t in such a bad place after all . . and we have it quite easy compared to others . . other countries . .

OR you could just keep your angry fluffing to yourself!!

POSITIVE: No need for coffee to get me going last night . . cardio was energized by the sweet firey anger that I had in my possession . . and OH BOY did it do the job . . funny how much harder you can go when you add the right petrol to your petrol tank . .


  1. Another awesome straight to the point post Mel! Keep 'em comin', love it :)


  2. thanks girl! :) appreciate your posts. xx