Sunday, June 27, 2010

life’s treasure . .

Every single person in the world . . in the universe . . has a dream . . it’s in our hearts . .  our souls . . we think about it subconsciously . .

this passion . . this dream does not go away . . it stays in our hearts until we are face to face with our dreams . .

As soon as we know what our dreams are . . our treasure in life . . that’s when we HAVE to follow that path . .

I know what i want. Every fiber of my being KNOWS what i want.

I may not know HOW i’m going to get there . .  what i’m going to face along the way . .  how hard it’s going to be, or how long it’s going to take me to get there . . but  i KNOW in my heart . . that the universe will help me find a way of getting there . . just in knowing what i want.

I’m on my way now . .  and i must admit . . there have been things that have happened along the way . . things that are happening now that make me think “is this what i really want” . . makes me question my dream . . because it’s taking longer than i thought . . or because it’s gotten so damn hard that it’s maybe just not ment to be . . it plays tricks on my mind . . but these are just little tests along the way to test how bad we want it . . how badly we’re willing to stick up for what we want.

But then i continue to listen to my heart . .  it IS . . i know it IS ment to be . . because it hurts my heart to live without it . . and the heart is never wrong . .

We can’t choose what we’re passionate about  . . what we love . . we can’t make it go away either . .  doesn’t matter how hard we try . . that passion will always be in our hearts no matter what we end up doing . . even if you’re stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy . . deep down inside of you that dream is still there . . it may not be shining as bright as when you first realised it . . because you’ve been too caught up with everyday living . . allowing fate to lead you through life . .  but it IS there . . and that pain that you feel when you’re not doing what you love . .  that hurt will never go away unless we do what our hearts intended for us to do.

So even though the path to your dreams may take a little longer than you initially thought . . particular things cause you to hold off on your dream . . that’s ok . . as long as you NEVER lose site of that dream . . you’re constantly working towards it . . that’s all you think about . . day and night . . when you’re awake . . when you’re asleep . . every thought you have . . as long as your dream is front of mind 24/7 . . it won’t get lost . .  and everything you do will lead you closer to that dream . . even if it seems you’re taking a step back for a little while .

The world’s greatest lie is losing control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. Don’t let it.

I’m learning to be more patient with my dream . . my treasure . . realising that if something is stopping my dream from becoming reality . . it’s not because it’s not supposed to happen . . it’s because something else needs to happen first . . maybe i need to learn something before i can continue on . . contribute toward someone else’s dream . .

It’s not IF it’s WHEN . .

And when something knocks you down . . failure . . making you feel defeated . . feel that sense of defeat . . live in the moment . . accept it . . accept it is part of your journey and continue on . . don’t you DARE talk yourself out of your dream . . don’t you DARE tell yourself “oh,  i didn’t want it that bad anyway” . .  because you KNOW you want it . . your heart knows you want it . . don’t lose focus.

And appreciate the journey of your dream . .  too many people want to get the end results without experiencing the little moments in between . . that’s what matters most . .  what we learn . . what we do for other people . .  what we learn about ourselves . . how we grow as human beings . .

So what’s your treasure?


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