Monday, June 28, 2010

conversations with my body . .

I’ve always been someone that keeps to themselves . . yet social when i have to be of course . . it’s always been me, myself and i, i prefer it that way . . i like my own company . .doing my own thing . . singing my own song . . don’t get me wrong . . i love my friends and i am very much a people person . . i love learning from people . . listening to their views on life . . picking their brains . . i’m a gemini so i’m a bit of a mixed ball when it comes to emotions!

but my time is so important to me . . my time is my OWN time to reflect on things . . evaluate my life . . my goals . . learn . . read . .develop . . get to know MYSELF . .

i think a lot of people don't spend enough time on their own and are always looking EXTERNALLY for happiness . . or love . . or strength . . or growth . . when they don't spend the time developing from within . . maybe they're scared of what they'll find? or maybe they don't think about life the way i do? i don't know . .

i don’t like big crowds . . never have . . and when i do go out . . my mind is usually preoccupied with what i could be doing better with my time . . .

That’s one of the thing s i’m working on improving about myself . . trying to be “in the moment” . . and not getting ahead of myself . . after all . . all we have are moments . . if you don’t appreciate what you’re doing RIGHT NOW . . you’ll never appreciate what you’re doing in the future . . because you’ll be too preoccupied WITH the future . . make sense?

As a child i was always observant . . perceptive . . always looking at the grown ups and wanting in on what they were doing . . what they were talking about . . seeing how they interacted with one another . .

Not a lot has changed . . i think human behaviour is amazing . . body language . . gestures . . how people act around one another . . how our emotions dictate how we talk to one another . .

I guess that’s why i’m so fascinated with the human body . . it constantly reacts to the stimulus you put on it . . through exercise . . through what you put in your mouth . . always changing . . adapting . . it’s the chance for us to communicate with our own bodies . . and our bodies talk back by getting leaner . . thicker . . more developed . . when you’re feeling angry with it, it doesn’t perform how you want it too . . if you treat it with respect it lets you work it a bit more. . ahh the endless pursuit of the perfect relationship with my body . .


  1. You're on a roll with your writing girl, i'm loving the pieces you're coming up with!... So whats your next big goal? Oh and how are you finding Fighter Diet? x

  2. thanks baby girl! next big goal in terms of exercise and fitness is competing next year . . there's things that happened over the past few months that prevented me from being mentally there 110% . . so couldn't compete when i wanted to . . but my head and heart is in it . . in terms of career getting my personal training business up and running full swing . .
    fighter diet is AWESOME . . get to eat SO MUCH . . lots of veggies which i love . .
    how are you going???? next big goal????
    you still doing the 24 hour starvation a week?

  3. Awesome babe, will you be doing the INBA show? You will kill it on stage!
    Nice work with your Pt business, are you working from a gym or a studio?
    Yeah i've been doing great, shedding the fat pretty fast. Will get skins done in a couple weeks but i'm guessing i'll be in the 14%BF range now. My next big goal once i'm lean enough (maybe a couple months) is to start doing some photo shoots. I wanna do some really artistic photography and see where it takes me....
    Its FASTING, not starving! LOL, yeah still doing it (week 11), but i tell you what its working a treat, have dropped 4.3kg (fat, no muscle) to date. I basically had to unlearn all the 'nutrition rules' to get my head around it but i'm stoked with my results so far!!
    Great to hear you're loving FD! I figure that we are all individuals, so find out what works best for you and stick with it!