Wednesday, June 23, 2010

book of answers . .

How often should i do cardio a week?

How many meals should i have a


I’ve just finished a comp, should i take time off?

Exactly how many fish oil tablets should i be taking a day? What brand?

There ARE NO RULES . .  no “do this, do that”.

No generic “book of answers” that is going to tell you what to do . .

STOP looking for help from somewhere else . . start listening to your own body . .


Start creating your OWN book with your OWN answers based on YOUR body . .

There’s no strict number of hours a week to do cardio . .

A book you read says “30 minutes, slow, steady state cardio, 3 times a week” . . are you serious? who are THEY to tell you how much your body can handle?

Why not 30,47,54 minutes? Why 30 . . what’s so magical about that number . . don’t be a robot and stop at 30 just because it’s the “right” thing to do . .

If you want to see results . . serious results . . if you want your body shape to change . . you need to go BEYOND the norm . . BEYOND  what a generic exercise book from the 80’s is telling you . .

And don’t worry about looking pretty on the treadmill . . if you aint huffin and puffin . . it aint gettin you nothin!

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