Friday, September 4, 2009


Nothing compares to leg day.

Nothing even comes close to comparing to leg day.

For once, i truly enjoyed the pain i experienced from today's leg day.

Torture - tick

Inability to walk to my car - tick

Inability to breathe - tick

Screaming my ass off throughout the duration of the sesh - tick

Ahhh the pain.

The pain feels so magnified, but feels so good.

The pain is mine, i am the pain.

It's funny . . the amount of pain you circum to, in order to get pleasure.

I feel like a warrior in battle and i just HAVE TO FINISH.

. . . HAVE to complete those reps.


God i love the gym.

The look on people's faces when they hear me screaming out in agony. .

little do they know i love that agony, that excruciating PAIN that makes you weak at the knees and you swear you're going to collapse with every minor step you take. . but you don't . . you just keep on going . . keep on fighting through it. . because what's left? you are left with nothing but PRIDE & STRENGTH . . OH and GODDAMN SEXY LEGS!

I am in a state of trance . .

taking over the world! one lunge at a time!

watch out people.

TRAIN HARD . . or i'm coming to get you!

"If the pain gets too much, just think . . the universe is so large and your pain is almost non-existent in comparison. Therefore your pain does not exist."

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