Saturday, September 5, 2009



i feel so worked up this morning . . not sure what it is but people just ANNOY you sometimes with some of their choices.

i know this one person who is wanting to lose weight.

all is good, this person is exercising, seems into being healthy & fit, until i see this person eating a FREAKIN MARS BAR AT 10.00 IN THE MORNING!

it should be ILLEGAL to eat that junk before noon, if at all.

sure it's their decision, blah blah blah . . but when they're constantly going on about how they're doing EVERYTHING possible to lose those few pounds . . that just pisses me off.

this person refuses to go on a too strict a diet because they need it to be a diet they can follow for the rest of their life . . something easy. EASY?! since when did anything in life that was worth having come easy?
if that were the case we would all be working around with 8 PACS!

wake up to yourself mate!

you are not doing everything you can do get to where you want to be . . not by the slighest.

your intentions are there? so what! that doesn't mean SQUAT.

EVERYTHING would be eating clean, wholesome, nutritious foods NO MATTER WHAT the circumstance . . doesn't matter if it's your time of the month, if you broke up with your boyfriend, if you had a fight with your best mate, if you broke a nail . .

life throws shit at you every second of every day . . DEAL WITH IT . . not with food, not with eating your emotions . . but by sorting your shit out . . confront the issue at hand . . eating that $2 no good mars bar is not going to get you where you want to go . . by ANY means.

sure it makes you feel good for 5 seconds and then all you're left with is guilt . what's the point?

same goes for guys/girls who are "trying" to bulk up . . eating everything in sight . . what the fuck?

do not tell me all those no good calories are going to be beneficial for putting on muscle . . unless you plan on putting on FAT with that . .

you are not doing EVERYTHING possible to get where you want to be . .

EVERYTHING possible would be doing your research on what's worked in the past . . talking to people who have been where you are . . achieved what you're wanting to achieve . .

not scoffing down 5 mcchicken burgers because they "need the extra protein."

that's so bullshit.

how much research is there out there . . people have done it all before . . so stop being LAZY and whip your ass into gear.

just remember everytime you pick up that donut, or beer, or kfc chips . . that it is in no way assisting your body in any way . . it's EMOTIONAL EATING . . that's it.

sure it's going to shock your body for a bit but there's a LOAD of other healthier ways to do it . . not by putting that shit into your mouth.

i'm not saying you shouldn't treat yourself or eat what you eat but live with the consequences and live with your choices . . don't go bitching about it and saying you're doing it all . .

because you are NOT DOING IT ALL.

that is all.

time to pump the calves & finish off with some interval training.



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