Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today, i'm grateful.
Grateful for all the gorgeous people in my life that are with me on this life journey I am living each & every day.

I’m excited for what the future holds.

I’m excited for not knowing the end, and going through the feelings and emotions of what is to come.

Every day I get inspired by the small things around me that people do, that people achieve.

My coach Mark is AMAZING. He shares so much knowledge and voluntary information with me every time I have a conversation with him that he doesn’t HAVE to share, and is there anytime I have any questions, thoughts, tips, ideas.
He motivates me to keep pushing & to step outside my comfort zone.
He truly is inspiring and I feel privileged to have him part of my journey!
You can find him at The Alpha Body -

The crew at Definition Doncaster have been nothing but supportive, warm, and welcoming from the very first day I started working there.
I’ve only been there for a month now but it feels like FOREVER! (in a good way)
As soon as you walk in there’s nothing but smiles and sweat going around.
Good combination!

Every single person at Definition has something of value to offer from their chosen field and are more than willing to share advice and endless, ENDLESS amounts of knowledge in health, fitness, and life.

The friends I choose to have in my life are nothing but giving and forgiving, and always there to make me laugh!

Today, i'm grateful.

So happy I choose to follow what I believe in and every day I get closer and closer to discovering and creating the person I want to be.

At the end of the day, all I ever want is to feel thankful and happy, and contribute something positive into even one other persons life.

I want to share those feelings with those that share that same passion and that same desire.

The desire for something MORE.

Live,breathe,love life!

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