Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was thinking a lot about what it is that gets me fired up for a workout.
I mean REALLY motivated.
What REALLY gets my heart pumping and my body saying YEAAAH, GAME ON.

Then, I was thinking about what gets me motivated to go to the gym on an off day.
On a day where having a sesh is not my favoured thing to do and I would seriously rather kick back at home and watch a movie.

Now those days are rare and few, as I freakin’ love the feeling I get from training, all that blood rushing to your veins, all those endorphins rushing around everywhere.


You know what gets me motivated . . .

It’s not the affirmations I say to myself every morning when I wake up . . .
It’s not the thousands of quotes I have in full view all around me every second of every day . . .
It’s not the bodies of figure/fitness models that I have on my fridge and all up on my walls . . .

Don’t get me wrong, these are useful to a certain extent, I wouldn’t have them up if they didn’t help progress me towards my goals.

But all these things are just emotion-based driving tools.

Craig Harper brought up a fantastic point –
“If motivation for us is purely emotional and we rely on that emotion to reach our goals, then our day-to-day exercise and eating behaviours will be inconsistent at best.”

So what truly gets me motivated to KEEP ON . . .


My desire to be something more than what I am today.
My desire to get leaner, stronger, better.

My desire to train harder,faster than i did last time.
My desire is what makes me go for the 50’s and not the 45’s.
My desire is what makes me put the pin in the cable stack further down.

You have to have that desire to put on another pair of plates, rep out another two reps.


Because you know you can bloody do it and because you didn’t last time!

Whatever your motivation may be, always choose something for YOU, not for your mum, not for your dad, not to attract that sexy guy/girl and get them to notice you.
. . .that’s EXACTLY where the problem arises.

Don’t give other people that ability to drive you into the sky or into the ground.

Who are they to decide whether you have a fantastic day or a lousy one?

All you require is that INNER motivation that says “F*** YOU GRAVITY, I’m doing ONE MORE REP.”

Because superficial outside sources are constantly changing and manipulating themselves.

They’re unstable and unreliable.

But you will ALWAYS have yourself to count on.

Use only THAT as your motivation to bring it home.

. . . and you succeed.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

– Barack Obama


  1. Well put! I know that I struggle a great deal with keeping myself motivated. I always tell myself I'd love to look like Matthew McConaughey or Tony Horton or LUKE. But really I just need to look like me (a leaner, fitter me of course). Thanks for the encouragement.