Monday, October 10, 2011


Anthony Gatto is a juggler for Cirque du Soleil . . jugglers are SO underestimated . . the hand/eye coordination, visual reaction time, peripheral vision that gets developed when you train this way is advantageous in ANY sport . . i’ll have to write out a post specific to jugglers soon . . AMAZING ATHLETES.


Chad Vaughn, 2 time Olympian weightlifter, 6 time National champion, & is currently the American record holder in Clean & Jerk at 190kg (77kg weight class). Flows like ballet.

This dude makes one arm push ups look girly . .

1150 TYRE FLIPS @ 230 bodyweight.

One-Legged High Jumper wins world record .. this dude is amazing. Sorry . . what were you saying about your problems?

Awesome conditioning/strengthening drill by Glenn Pendlay for the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, lower back) & abs.

Awesome Triple Jump Drill . . .

PARKOUR TRAINING . . lot of respect for these athletes . . very underestimated. 

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