Friday, September 23, 2011

all or nothing VS something - my AHA moment.

One quality about myself that i'm constantly working on is this concept of "ALL OR NOTHING".

I've always been the type to either put my all in something, or nothing . . ESPECIALLY when it comes to my training.

So in the past, when i've been injured, i wouldn't train that body part at all if i couldn't train it 100% . . i would simply train another body part or not do anything.

I've had CONSTANT issues with my hamstring . . and i've now strained my biceps femoris (hamstring muscle) AGAIN.

Last night . . after being pissed off with the mother fuckin world, i was analyzing my current situation with my hamstring . . and reflecting on past injuries . . and my reaction to past injuries . . and it's always been me being pissed off . . and me feeling like i'm at effect of the injury . .  i've always seen injuries as my body rebelling against me . . & being the reason why i'm not getting to where i'm endlessly trying to get with my training . . i've seen injuries as some sort of road block . . the devil.

I'm slowly (when i say slowly, i mean slowwwwwwly) coming to realize that maybe my body is simply trying to help me . . warn me that i need to back off . . it's trying to work WITH me, not AGAINST me . . that my body isn't ready for what my mind is necessarily ready for . . that i need to spend a little bit more time working on a particular movement before i up the weight . . or spend a little bit more time learning about my body & its weaknesses  . .

I've always been the impatient type when it comes to my goals . . i want to know everything now . .  i want to do everything now . .

But i think i'm coming to really realize that this whole training thing is a marathon, it ain't a sprint . . i have all the time in the world to achieve what i want to achieve . .
I think we learn our life lessons in different forms & my training is me learning the act of patience & that doing SOMETHING is a necessary accompaniment to doing "ALL OR NOTHING" . . and the two have their place in your training . . at different times.

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  1. The battle is constant Mely . . . im at war with this all the time . .