Tuesday, March 15, 2011

real life motivation . .

i needed motivation today . . not from a magazine . . not from a youtube video . . not from those cliche quotes of the day . . REAL LIFE motivation.

So i went down to the track.

Over the past couple of weeks, that place has been sanctuary.

It’s so peaceful down there.

Nobody yells . . nobody lifts heavy things . . but there’s a silence there that speaks so loud.

You can always spot that one body in the midst of all that ground.

You know that they train from the heart on that track . . because they don’t think anybody is watching . . but they’re training like EVERYBODY is watching.

They’ve got noone to impress . . no bets to settle . . but they run like it’s the last time they’ll ever run again.

They leave their footprints in the ground.

They may not be  a “professional athlete” . . but in that moment, they trained like one.

In that moment, they inspired the hell out of me.

Sometimes you don’t have to be big the biggest in the room to make a positive change in someone’s life . .

Just in doing what you’re passionate about, doing it with as much force as possible, you have the ability to change someone else’s world.

And that’s a BIG thing.

So thank you track star !!

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