Saturday, July 10, 2010

succeed by a little or a lot????

my body plays tricks on me sometimes . .

it’s got this kind of revenge tactic with the weights . .

The other week i push pressed with the 40 pounds . . we were friends . . we had a good time . . it used me, i used him . .

then the following week . .  the 40’s were refusing to go up!! they would NOT get up there . .  at all! freakin pissed me off BIG TIME!

I did it LAST WEEK ..  what the hell is going on here body!!

So the OTHER day . . i didn’t talk to the 40’s at all and went straight for the 45’s . . YES YES YES . . that’s when it all happened . .

The room was spinning . . the eyes were a bit dazy . . the lights in the gym were flickering (that’s most likely due to them not paying the electricity bill) . . game face on and we were rockin & rollin!!

They tell you to “listen to your body”  . . if i listened to my body . .  it would be sitting on the fuckin couch downing a pack of corona’s . .

my body is ALWAYS sore . . ALWAYS tired . .

It’s about not being a kitty cat. . getting in there and showing who’s boss around here . .

and as for my mind . . yeee it tells me i can’t do it . .  that i can’t lift this weight over my head . . that’s it’s impossible to squat with this much on the bar . . that i can’t possibly do another rep . .

and my body is reciprocating the response my brain is giving it. . it’s shaking . . it’s struggling . .  it’s breaking down . . it’s giving up . . but i REFUSE to let gravity kick my ass . . that weight is going up if i have to crane drive the fucker up in the air!!

That’s what it’s all about . . REFUSING to let anything beat you . .

Get ANGRY . . get PISSED!!

Eventually . . your brain will learn to give in . . to work in sync with you . . it will know it has to recruit every fibre of  your being to shift this weight from A to B . .

You gotta have that mentality that you’re either IN or you’re OUT . . you got to be prepared for the worst but ready for the best . .

Comfortable means it’s too easy . .  if you’re still lookin pretty by the end of it you didn’t do shit!

You choose TODAY whether you succeed by a little or a lot . .

And who the hell wants to succeed by a little?


  1. 馬丁路德:「即使知道明天世界即將毀滅,我仍願在今天種下一棵小樹。」............................................................

  2. It's like those days when you're sore, tired, and feel like taking a nap, but you pickup 2 monsters on the way to the gym instead of the usual one and you get it done...