Friday, July 2, 2010

new concepts . . new ideas

it amazes me how closed off people can be when it comes to training, exercise and nutrition . . unwilling to open their eyes to new concepts . . new ideas . .  so caught up in their own little world of puffy white clowds and waiting on big fat Santa to come down the chimney at Christmas time . . 

some people overtrain . . some people don’t eat enough . . some people eat too much . . .some people do total body programs . . some do upper/lower body splits . . some people eat chicken . . some people eat kangaroo . .

whatever . . if everyone did everything in accordance with everybody else’s rules there would no new discoveries in the world . . no need for science . . for new technology . . because everybody would be satisfied . .

at the end of the day . . i just want to share my views . . my discoveries . . the things that influence ME . .  and if even one person can take something away from that . . make them look at something in a different light . . try something new . .  i’m contributing something to the world . . 

it may not be the “right” way for you and how you live and i’m ok with that . . but i’m just another person forming an opinion based on my research . . based on my experiences . .

as long as you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it that way there’s no problemo here . .

But i see trainers that have been brought up with that “bodybuilding” mindset chicken, rice and fish oil tablets . . 6 small meals a day . . and that’s just not applicable or necessary for a lot of the population . .

not everybody wants to step on the Olympia stage with nothing on but a leopard print shoelace . .

You give that chicken & rice diet to a mother of 4 children who just wants to “tone up” and she’ll tell you to EFF OFF . . it just ain’t gonna work . .

she doesn’t even have time to go to the toilet let alone prepare 6 meals a day for her . . ADD on to that the kids and a hubby that comes home from a hard days work expecting dinner on the table . .

Sure . . there has to be some structure there but those kind of restrictions just aren’t necessary . .

You know that story about Cinderella . . that shoe only fits HER . . YOU are Cinderella . . what works for you . . works for you . .

but the ugly step sisters are gonna have to figure something else out . .







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