Thursday, July 1, 2010

“bulking up”


“Bulking up” seems to be more and more of an excuse to eat a shit load of calories . . a shit load of junk . . and a shit load of Hungry Jacks . .

I see BIG ASS smiles when guys tell me what they ate on the weekend “ohhh but i’m bulking up :D”

Sorry to burst your bubble but your body ain’t gonna build more muscle just because you’re stuffing your gob . .

There’s a fine line between reaching the maximum amount of nutrients that can be USED to build muscle . . the excess will turn to . . you guessed it . . FLUBBER BUBBER.

But i’ll be able to lift more if i eat more . .

An 87 year old grandpa is not going to develop amazing fetes of strength and bring up his bench from 200 pounds to 220 pounds by upsizing the quarter fucking pounder with cheese he had at lunch . .

Calories are good . . but they’re not that good . .

You’re still in the same boat as those wanting to lose fat . . you’re just doing the opposite . . trying to gain muscle . .

SOO . . calorie consumption still needs to be recorded . . yes recorded . . like written down Mel? yee like written down.

It’s only then will you know just how much dog crap you’re putting in your guts that don’t need to be there . .

Are you being consistent with your meals?

Missing one meal everyday is not on . . that shit adds up . .

And could be the reason why you’re not seeing the results even though you’re busting yo ass at church . .

But i’m getting bigger . .

Maybe on the scales . . maybe in the mirror . . but what IS actually getting bigger? i’m guessing it’s your fat cells . .

Your fat cells can only hold so much fat . . once it’s reached it's threshold it makes babies . . yes . . mummy and daddy now have an additional baby fat cell that holds some of the weight . .

Sure you can shrink the fat cells but the more of those fat cells you have the easier it is for your body to store fat.

So . . in the long term . . you’re busting your ass in the gym to what?

yeh maybe you’ll put on a pound or two of muscle . . but the rest is FAT . . AND you’re making it harder for your body to lose fat . . doesn’t sound so sexy now does it?

if you're serious about gaining muscle do your research . . find out exactly how much you need to eat . . how often you need to eat in order to get all that food in . . and stop justifying your cravings.

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