Sunday, October 11, 2009


Dear Gym,

Thank you for ALWAYS being a strong foundation in my life - regardless of my moods – when I’m tired, hungry, depleted, when I lack energy, when I’m angry, happy, when I need an outlet, regardless of the situation.

There’s something special about the gym.

There’s something that resonates inside those walls that you can’t and won’t find say in a “home gym”.

The smell, the sweat, the tears, the grunting, the screaming, the weights, the atmosphere, the whole EXPERIENCE of your workout is completely different when your environment changes.

As soon as you step foot in that “church” as I like to call it, whether you like to believe it or not you become a different person, and by the END of the workout you will have changed into a completely NEW person, with a different attitude than what you walked in with.
You will have transformed into someone who oozes confidence, someone who is fearless.

Fearless in the sense that, by you overcoming your workouts, pushing through boundaries, pushing those limits, nothing in that outside world comes CLOSE to that, and every other goal in that big wide world suddenly appears that much more attainable in your mind.

Oh, and you can’t help but be inspired by the strong bodies around you.
I love having dedicated people around me when I work out. I get more inspired by the idea that other people assume I’m going to quit or stop or be too tired. Hell no.

It’s like an unspoken agreement that everybody has – to give all that they can in the time frame that they have.

To push their bodies to places it’s never been and doesn’t necessarily want to go.

It’s like a church, like a religion, except there is no god, no higher power, no outer source.

A church that everybody comes to, no matter what is going on in the day, in the week, there’s always time allocated to this religion and it is included in our lives, no matter how busy it appears to be.

We practise our religion day in and day out..

I love what I do because it means constant learning, constant growth, the progression of ideas, concepts, an incessant flow of new and improved theories, new philosophies which stem from old philosophies.
Ancient styles of training, fresh and new styles of training, weird-ass styles of training, things you’ve never ever seen before.

I see no end to what I’m doing and I’m truly enjoying this journey.