Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Hi! I'm Melissa . . but you can call me Mel :)

I'm new to this blog . . so thought i would start by talking a little bit about ME!

. . . not too much though bcos i can go on & on about random things and once you pop you can't stop!

Soo . . . where do i begin.

I'm 20 . . LOVE health & fitness, and i should be finishing my Cert III and IV in Personal Training in about 2 weeks but have some makeup classes to do . .
which means i won't be finishing for about a month or so! :(

BUT . . i can't wait to follow that yellow brick road and help people from all different walks of life achieve their health & fitness goals . . making them feel better not just physically but in all the other areas of their lives too.

I don't think there can be anything more special that you could give someone than self confidence, love, passion, drive, motivation to do anything they set their minds to . . all which can be achieved through health & fitness.

It simply amazes me each and every day.


I am currently working part time at a gym that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE with all my heart. . i'm saying this only having worked there for 3-4 weeks.


If you're serious about training i highly suggest you come down & try us out! You really won't be sorry.
Not like your other commercial gyms . . we go hard, we are passionate, we are all about results.
Very family-like & just a very positive atmosphere.

So i'm working there part time & soon when i finish my course will be training my clients there.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!

I am also a singer . . but i've had to put that off for a little while bcos this course is nearly having me living off the streets!

But well worth the $$$$

Anything is worth the $$ if it's something you are passionate about and love doing.

SOO that's prob enough about me for now!

My posts will prob be a bit of this, bit of that, LOT of training, LOT of positive energy coming from my posts, and a lot of daily battles.

All in all, you get what you put in & i am going to make today an inspiring one!

I absolutely LOVE quotes & affirmations and have them all up on my wall, look at them everyday & anytime i am feeling down in the dumps. They really, really work!

I leave you with an affirmation i use daily, everytime i wake up . . .

"Today I exemplify power. I am strong in my thoughts; I think "Yes I can - I'm supposed to triumph.
I remain confident in my beliefs; I do what i set out to do, and take myself higher because i choose to.
I am disciplined, determined, and dedicated in my pursuit of excellence - physical excellence when i work out at the gym, and life excellence as i go through the various tasks and responsibilities of my day."

Have a FANTASTIC day.

Train Hard,

Mel xx

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