Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lu Xiaojun wins Gold

LU Xiaojun wins Olympic Gold -  breaking 2 world records in the Men's 77kg (snatch and total) . . totalling 379kg. Monster show & definitely one of my fav lifters to watch.
Teammate Lu Haojie took home the silver medal totalling 360kg  . . unable to take 2nd and 3rd attempt due to an elbow injury just before the Clean & Jerks were set to start.

2012-08-01T222244Z_1_CBRE8701Q6H00_RTROPTP_3_SPORTS-US-OLY-WEIG-WLM77K-DAY5_JPG_475x310_q85 Lu Xiaojun


Left: Ivan Cambar (Cuba) for Bronze, Lu Xiaojun (China) for gold, & far right is Lu Haojie taking home the silver.


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