Sunday, May 27, 2012

Split Jerk Tips / Finishing the Extension

This makes a HELL of a lot of sense to me . .

I noticed this yesterday when i was push jerking . . the second set of power jerks were just slow . . so i consciously made the effort to reach full hip extension before involving my arms . . that extra bit of extension of the hips to its complete end range on the third set, REALLY did allow me to be as explosive as i can . . and it ends up being a hell of a lot easier.

Been having problems with my split jerk so will make a conscious effort to make sure hips are extended before employing the arms.

As the weight gets heavier, its so easy for me to get anxious, want to get under the bar & cut my pull a little short before reaching full extension, but it’s so much easier when i’m patient, stay over the bar, reach full hip extension, and then get under.


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