Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be the person you wish to attract.

Every single conversation that you allow yourself to be apart of, further develops your values & beliefs, moulding you into the person you are tomorrow.

If you're surrounded by money driven people, you’re going to slowly take on those same habits & mannerisms, & turn into one of them yourself.

You are who you choose to associate yourself with.

Funny thing is though, that YOU attract the kind of person YOU ARE.

If your personality is quite aggressive & prominent in nature, your friends are probably going to take on that persona when they’re around you .. because you bring that out in them.

If you choose to dress provocatively, with your ass hanging out of your skirt, somehow i don’t think you’re going to be attracting any life long romance there.

The problem with human beings is everyone chooses to look EXTERNAL of themselves for everything that doesn’t make sense in their lives & everything that goes wrong in their lives.

. . When we need to look internally to find the solution.

“What package am i presenting to the world?”

“Who do i choose to associate myself with?”

The world is your perception of the world . . the world is not 100% exactly the same to any two people . .

Which means another person is not going to be able to fix your world, because they’re not looking at it with the same eyes.

YOU need to fix your world & invite those deserving into it.

Ya dig?


  1. can i play devil's advocate here and say, what if wearing a short skirt makes me feel confident? What if wearing revealing clothes makes me feel most feminine?
    Either way, great post Mel! I do agree that your friends are often a reflection of your own personality.

    1. of course you can ! but Rosie, you don't wear skirts that show off your ass cheeks ;)

  2. LOL that is definitely true. But ir was more of a hypothetical statement.
    Great blog Mel!

  3. thanks Rosie !! & yes, when you choose to dress a certain way, you're going to, consciously or not, attract men of a certain calibre . . just how it is.