Monday, January 30, 2012

the talking barbell.


Alloy steel. 2.05m long. 15kg. 25mm diameter.

The biggest enemy of the state.

It lies completely motionless on the ground, but it knows you. All of you. It knows you like no one else knows you.

It knows your fears . . It knows when you’re afraid . . It knows by your body language . . The way you look at it with those cold eyes of desperation . . by the heaviness of your breath . . the twitching in your fingers . . the nervous stomping of your feet . .

And it talks to you. Small constant talk in your ear.

It tells you who you are . . who you’re not . . what you’re capable of.

It tells you no. It tells you there’s no way. It tells you to fuck off, go home . . don’t bother coming back.

It tells you you’ve tried all this before . . but you lost . . what makes you think you can do it AGAIN . . you’re just going to lose AGAIN . . why would you put yourself through that AGAIN . .

It tells you you’re dead meat on a barbell plate if you choose to go to battle . . it tells you to call your partner and tell them you won’t be making it home tonight . .

It hisses like a snake . . slithering its words into your ear. . filling up your head with its venom . .

But all that talk . . it doesn’t matter.

Not tonight.

I step up to the platform . . to the enemy they call the barbell . .

Yeh you can talk barbell . . but so can I.

I’ve got a lot to say . . so you best buckle up.

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