Saturday, September 17, 2011

the law of vibration . .


I was at the supermarket yesterday, doing my what seems to be daily rounds lately . .

and the cashier performs the oh-so monotonous “Hi, how are you?” . .

as usual i play along with a . . “great thanks, and you?” . .

. . . and he goes on to say “i’m tired . . nearly end of shift . . just want to home” . .

This raised a point of awareness for me:

That particular attitude of “i’m tired” exists more and more throughout conversation every single day. .

“I’m angry”

“I’m tired”

“I’m in a shitty mood”

When you acknowledge that you are feeling a particular way, you give that emotion, that vibration within your body, additional energy . .

Everything in this universe is energy.

Everything in this universe vibrates.

Nothing rests ever.

Everything vibrates at a particular frequency/speed.

Vibrations constantly alternate between high and low frequencies . .

When you’re feeling tired or run down, your vibrations are heavier, slower and low.

When you’re having a laugh or kissing your boyfriend, your body’s vibrations are lighter, higher and faster.

In other words, when you’re thinking negatively, you vibrate at a lower frequency.

Additionally, that vibration in your body draws in those similar vibrations around you . . bringing it into your own energy field.

You’re literally feeding yourself with energy . . what energy? it depends on your vibration.

Over time, if you’ve attracted all this negative energy (through anger,sadness,fear,jealousy,criticism) into your own personal energy field . . all those vibrations are operating at a low, slow speed . . they’re practically dead.

Which means they’re unable to attract those higher vibrations of frequency because it simply doesn’t have that kind of strength.

That’s why it’s SOOOOO important that you’re constantly aware of what’s going on inside your head, that internal talk is VITAL to your success . . bringing playfulness, happiness, that kid-like mentality to situations draws in those fast, high vibrations.

Check out the vids below for a little bit more depth:

Bob Proctor below talks about how the law of vibration works:

So how do you get yourself in the right vibrational tone?

So enough with that “i’m tired” bullshit . . acknowledge when you are manifesting those negative vibrations . . don’t give it a name . . just let that negative feeling/vibration come and go . . over time, it will become easier to channel in those awesome high speed vibrations.



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