Sunday, March 27, 2011


1) Be wholly perfect

i think that we’ve been raised at a society to spend our lives trying to be this definition of “PERFECT” . . when we’re really this live sculpture of art . . that when you look at it, it appears perfect to the eye.

But when you look a little closer, you can see the workings behind it.

The lines . . the minor chips . . the carvings . . the imprints . . the hours, days, years of hard labour that has gone into making it what it is.

All we can ever be and try to be is whole. Not perfect, whole . . in all areas of our lives. Being whole is being happy with what we have . . but still angry enough to want more.

2) Just bloody do it already

End of the day . . you KNOW what you need to do to lose that extra person you’ve been carrying out for 20 years. It’s not rocket science. Eat that little bit healthier and exercise that little bit more. Your choice. 30 pounds of fat . . or 30 pounds of excuses?

3) Pick something . . and stick with it

You can’t possibly do heavy ass weight sessions mixed in with 2-3 days of MMA . . with a side salad of tennis. I mean really. . what the fuck! Pick ONE thing . . and tailor your training around it. If you don’t, you’re going to get injured. It’s not IF, it’s WHEN.

4) Open your eyes

Reading the label on something is not enough. 98% fat free does not mean 98% sugar free. Labels lie, ingredient lists don’t lie. Read the INGREDIENTS LIST, not the label. And get familiar with the various names of “natural” sugars, because even the ingredient list will try to trick you! Tricky bastards.

5) What can you get away with?

When it comes to training, you don’t want to be changing too much too soon. Jumping from no cardio to 2 hours cardio is stupid. Your body is going to plateau and ask you to give it more than you are more sooner than later. . then what are you going to do ? 3 HOURS ?? Your body will react to little changes, especially when you start working out . . no need to go nuts.

6) Stop with the questions

Asking 1000 questions is a BIG warning sign that you’re not starting something you know you need to. If you’ve spent months, years on forums, reading magazines featuring the “shredded in 7 days" workouts, meanwhile plonking your ass on the couch – you need to take responsibility and admit that you’re just being a lazy procrastinator.

7) Drop the all or nothing . . and do SOMETHING

Unless you’re an athlete or you have a particular goal you’re aiming towards, exercise doesn’t have to be this “structured” thing.

Sometimes people look too much into it . . the amounts of planning and preparation is SO EXTENSIVE . . so much so that people see it as a “chore” because the funs taken out of it . . majority of people don’t function best like that. Because when circumstances change, say if you’ve got a track session on and it’s raining, mentally you say to yourself, if i can’t do track today i can’t do anything else . .  you’re going to constantly look for a “get out of jail free” card.

Circumstances are never going to be 100%. Just do your thing . . go for a run . . go for a walk . . go for a skip . . who cares . . long as you’re active and you’re out there DOING . . don’t let anybody tell you what is “good” or “bad” because being active does not mean training till you puke.

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