Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stuff advice . .

no ONE training method is going to work for everyone . .

Should females ONLY do higher reps with pink fluffy dumbbells . . no of course not . .

But just because females produce lower testosterone then males does not mean that they need to be going heavy ALL THE TIME . . EVERY workout . .

Unless you want to end up with injury after injury after injury . . which will set you back to square one if you’ve even REACHED square two . . there’s no reason to be going heavy all the time . .

Why can’t you introduce both rep schemes into your training?

Why does it have to be the ONE or the OTHER . .

Advising every person who asks you for advice to “go heavy” is the laziest fuckin advice ever. .

Who knows what that person’s form is like with NO WEIGHT let alone heavy weight . .

Unless you’re personally taking that person through each and every exercise . . making sure they have good posture . . good body alignment . . everything is solid . . what use is it for them to be “going heavy” . . UNLESS of course you’re wanting them to fail . . well that’s a different story :)

There’s a time and a place for heavy lifts . . and a time and a place for higher reps . .

Either way . . INTENSITY is the key here . . you should be giving it your all no matter HOW many reps you’re going for . . 5, 8 , 12 or 20 . . .

And beginners . . stop taking any tom, dick, and harry’s advice just because he appears to be a bit bigger with his girlfriends white tank top on . . once again . . DO YOUR RESEARCH

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