Friday, December 18, 2009


It’s funny . . you see so many different types of people at the gym . . .

Those that breeze through their workouts . . . never to break sweat . . never does a strand of hair move marginally out of place.

The blooming adolescents, who expend majority of their energy looking at what everybody ELSE is lifting and wishing one day they could lift the same . . . (but not doing anything about it of course).

The average gym goers who do the same presses, the same movements, the same reps & sets week in and week out . . the ones that wonder why they look the SAME week in and week out . . month to month . . year to year.

The “heavy” lifters who pack on the poundage but fail to activate the ACTUAL muscles the exercise is designed to activate . . oh that’s right . . the MORE weight the better . . form is so last year . .

The cardio queens who wouldn’t know what a weight was if it slapped them across the head . .
The posers . . last time I checked those muscle fibers don’t stimulate themselves . . and they sure don’t grow by continuously checking out your “guns” in the mirror . . or lack of.

OH . . and let’s not forget the guys that spend more time exercising the muscles in their jaw then the muscles of their lower body.

Yesturday I had a guy come up to me at the gym and ask whether all the exercises on his program were necessary to do . . asking if he could skip a few . .


Are you fuckin serious?!

Time and effort was spent formulating that program for YOU and you’re asking me whether you can negotiate a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card . .

BUDDY . . have you got a lot to learn . .

Having an extraordinary physique . . a physique at ALL is a 24/7 job which you don’t quit . . don’t take the easy way out . . don’t talk back . . you just DO . . simply just DO.

It’s like a business: It does not run itself and it does not increase your payoff if you treat it like a recreational hobby.

Fair enough we all want results NOW . . that’s just the kind of selfishness we’ve adapted to . . if it’s not happening in a week . . a month . . by this EXACT certain date . . why is it worth my time?

Because Noah . . when you build that arc . . you’re going to have accomplished something that few can say they’re truly happy with . . and you know what? You probably STILL won’t be happy . . so you move on to the finer detailing and sculpting of this masterpiece it’s taken you HOURS to create . . but by this stage you don’t care . . because you know what happens when you have that laser focus . .

You’ll see for yourself . . it can’t be rushed . . can’t be stressed . .
It takes time, commitment, consistency, and persistence along with determination.

Once you ACCEPT that . . you start to enjoy the process . . and your body starts working for you.

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